How to Choose the Professional Home Designer That’s Right For You

Choose a home designer that makes you an integral part of the home building so you get what you want with no surprises.

Choose a home designer that makes you an integral part of the home building so you get what you want with no surprises.

A home designer is vital in bringing your custom home ideas to life. They will translate your vision and guide you through the elements of home design, while also considering the structural elements of your home and landscape. Here are some tips on how to choose a home designer that’s right for you.


Your Wants and Needs Are Priority #1

It’s likely that you’ve been dreaming of your custom home design for months, if not years. Whether you have the exact details of what you want, or you have a big picture idea based on the specific conveniences (and inconveniences) in your current home, your custom home builder should be able to craft a beautiful home design that integrates your wants and needs. Ask the builder for a central point of contact and if they allow site visits so you’re in the loop for every step of the process, including the floor plan, the exterior of the home, and the specific design of living spaces.


Quality Assurance

One of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, if not the biggest, is building a custom home. A home designer should have a process in place to ensure the quality of their workmanship and materials used. Ask the builder if they do a punch list for final touches on building, and if they do a final walk-through once the work is complete.


Access to Extensive Home Design Knowledge

A well-versed home designer knows the ins and outs of design choices and may offer suggestions that may not be obvious. For example, if you’re planning to stay in your home well into your golden years, you may want to consider universal design factors along with accessibility in the floor plan. It’s difficult to know the small details of how every design decision interacts with one another, but a reputable home builder will gladly navigate you through design considerations so you’ll be happy with your final result.


Budget Conscious

Creating and sticking to a budget for your dream home that includes everything from the land to the final touches, may seem like an improbable task. However, a home designer should be able to accurately state what the total cost will be. A reputable builder will also work with you to accurately plan so there are no surprises.


Choosing the right home designer requires a bit of research, but will be well worth it once you’re enjoying your custom home! If you have any more questions about home design, contact us today.